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Introduction and Game Rules
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Pirates were once the most feared voyagers in the seven seas. In PiratesAssault you now have the opportunity to become a pirate. Decide whether you would like to become a noble and honourable swashbuckler or if you prefer to build a reputation as a merciless and cruel tyrant of the seas, attacking any and all opponents encountered during sea raids. Enter the exciting world of PiratesAssault, meaure your stength during duels with other pirates, go on sea raids, train your character, equip your ship and wage glorious sea battles, all in the search for glory, gold respect and fame!!

Game basics

Once you have registered you find yourself on the overview page of your pirate. Here you can find important information about your character and also your personal link, with can be used to recruit new pirates online by placing the link appropriately. For example, you can send the link to your friends, place it on your homepage or use it as a signature in forums. If an unsuspecting prospective pirate clicks on your link, you receive 1-3 gold as a reward. If the person who clicks on your link registers for PiratesAssault and also becomes a pirate, you have recruited him/her and you receive 25% of the gold that he/she receives from recruiting new pirates! Once a pirate recruited by you reaches level 3, you receive 250 gold and 1 experience point! Once the recruit reaches level 10, you receive 100 jewels! You can invest your Gold in training for your character to improve his/her attributes or you can buy better weapons, cannons, amulets and rings.

You can directly challenge other pirates to a battle, whereby your character abilities and equipment play an important role. More information is available under "Overview".

List of features:
- Choose from hundreds of swords, knives, pistols and rings and amulets improve your fighting abilities.
- Buy crystals to energise your weapon with magical powers and inflict extra damage to your enemies.
- Upgrade your ship and equip it with the most powerful cannons to successfully defeat your enemies during sea battles.
- Establish a guild and erect the largest sea fortress in the entire region.
- Customise your personal character avatar; there are billions of possible combinations!
- Improve your skills using weapons and captianing ships to be able to buy better and more powerful equipment.
- Train your fighting abilities to remain a few steps ahead of your competitors.
- Give your weapon and ship an individual name to stand out from the crowd.
- Buy larger and more powerful ships and equip them to gain an advantage over your enemies.
- Travel to the various ports and islands on the sea chart and engage in trade to earn gold
- Bury your gold on uninhabited islands to protect it from hostile eyes or search for buried treasure belonging to other players.


Here you can see all of the vital information for your character, such as how much loot you have already accumulated, your attributes, your equipment and how much gold you currently have available. You also see detailed statistics about your past battles against your enemies and can find a list of any pirates you may have recruited already. You can also train the abilities of your pirate and improve your character's skills so you can use more advanced weapons and cannons.

Here are a few details about the attributes of your pirate:

Your decisions in-game determine your alignment, sending you on the path to good or evil. If your alignment is between -50 and +50, you are neutral. Certain items are restricted to characters with a good or evil alignment.
Strength determines how much damage you do, IF you are able to strike your opponent.
The better your dexterity, the more effectively you are able to defend yourself and absorb damage from your enemy's attacks.
Stamina determines how long you are able to fight and how many rounds you can maintain your effectiveness.
Fighting ability
Your fighting ability determines how effective your attacks will be and helps determine your ability to achieve critical hits.
Parry affects your ability to repel enemy attacks and prevent critical hits.
You receive experience points when you fight against characters that have the same or a higher level than you. You get 2 points if you defeat a character of a higher level and receive 1 point every time you fight enemies of the same level, whether or not you win! When you have amassed enough experience, you are promoted to the next level; you receive 3 skill points, your total maximum health points increase, and you receive a gold bonus.

The skills of your character:

Captains's skills
The higher this skill is, the more powerful the cannons available in the cannon foundry will become. Additionally, the captain's skill influences the price you will receive for your goods.
Melee weapon skills
The higher this skill is, the better the types of main and secondary weapons available for purchase in the shop will become.
Ranged weapon skills
The higher this skill is, the better the ranged weapons available for purchase in the shop will become.

Ship and Shipyard

Here you can see the current status of your ship and review information such as the condition of the ship, the crew, the type of cannons on board and which trade goods are in the hold! Your captain and any crewmembers who may be on board are able to carry out minor repairs on your ship, thus your ships regains a certain percentage of its normal hit points over time, but the regeneration is rather slow. In each city's harbour dive you can hire ship's carpenters, who then work for your captain for one week and are able to carry out more complicated repairs, increasing the rate of regeneration for the ship until their weekly contract has expired.
Shipyard - Repair ship
If your ship has been damaged during sea battles, you can repair the damage here.
Shipyard - Improve ship
Here you can upgrade your ship to provide more room for cargo, cannons and crew members. You can also have the hull strengthened to improve the ship's defences and can purchase better sails to increase the maximum sailing speed.
Shipyard - Buy new ship
Once you have reached the necessary level, you can buy a larger and better ship here! You receive 50% of the original purchase price for your old ship when you purchase a new one.


In the shop you can purchase main and secondary melee weapons, ranged weapons, rings, amulets and crystals. Certain items can only be purchased in exchange for jewels or can only be bought and used by players with a certain alignment.

The items: Main melee weapons
Here you can purchase weapons to be used as your main melee weapon. Weapons increase the damage done to your opponents. Higher level weapons can be set with up to 3 crystals.
Secondary melee weapons
You can also use secondary melee weapons to supplement your main weapon. Higher level weapons can be set with up to 3 crystals.
Ranged weapons
Ranged weapons can strike and injure your opponent before the melee portion of the battle begins. Higher level weapons can be set with up to 3 crystals.
Rings can improve the attributes of the bearer, depending on the type of magic the ring has been imbued with.
Amulets can improve the attributes of the bearer, depending on the type of magic the amulet has been imbued with. They can also defend the bearer against certain types of magic.
Crystals can be set in certain weapons that have sockets, bestowing the weapon with the ability to cause magical damage. There are 6 types of magical damage: water, fire, lightning (can't be purchased from the merchant), storm (evil alignment), holy (good alignment) and squid damage.


By clicking on the "Blacksmith" button next to the weapons on the overview page, you will enter the blacksmith's shop. There you can give your weapon an individual name. Furthermore, you can set your weapon with up to 3 crystals, which causes your weapon to inflict magical damage to the enemy; the type of damage depends on the crystal used. Only magical amulets (can be purchased in the shop) can protect you against magical damage. The blacksmith can also improve each weapon up to three times by modifying it; each level of modification causes added damage.


The buccaneer's message service allows you to send and receive dispatches to/from other players and your clan. Here you can also see your attack and defence reports from duels and sea battles.


Here you can challenge other pirates to a duel to see how your skills compare to those of others. If you attack weaker pirates (level -5), you lose experience points and will receive less gold from your victim if you win. Onced you reach level 51, the level range for attacks increases by one level for each additional 10 levels you have gained. For example, if you are level 51, you can attack players of level 45 or above with no experience or gold penalty and at level 61 you can attack players of level 53 or above with umpunity! However, you can never attack a player more than 10 levels below your own level without suffering a penalty. If you challenge equally strong or stronger opponents, you gain experience points. If you fight against honourable pirates, your alignment shifts a bit towards evil and vice versa. If you win a challenge, you receive about 5-10% of the opponent's gold (if the player is not more than 5 levels below your current level!).

Battle Sequence
Battles take place in rounds. The higher your stamina, the more battle rounds you can endure. During each round a dice roll determines if a successful attack has taken place or if the defender was able to parry the attack; here the attributes attack ability and parry are very important, they also determine the ability to make critical hits on the opponent. The challenger always gets the first attack. If an attack is successful, the damage and damage absorption of the defender will be determined by a roll of the dice. The difference (if positive) will be deducted from the remaining health points of the defender. If the health points of a player fall below 10 points, he/she automatically flees and loses the battle. The player who inflicted the most damage is the winner. Damage can be increased by magical weapons but this magical damage can also be absorbed by the proper amulet. E.g., if a weapon can inflict +2 points of ice damage and the opponent is wearing an +1 amulet of ice-damage resistance, then the minimum and maximum damage values are increased by only one point instead of 2. All battle statistics are shown in detail in the battle report.

Sea battles

Here you send you pirate ship and crew into battle against other pirate vessels. The battles take place under basically the same conditions as in duels, but after successfully entering an enemy ship, you can also capture a portion of any trading goods that are found in the ship's hold!

Sea raids

Here you can go on sea raids, filling your coffers with the loot found in fat merchant vessels and galleons! Decide whether you would like to be an honourable pirate who only attacks vessels hostile to pirates or attack any and all vessels you discover. Your decision will affect your character's alignment points and gradually determine your overall alignment. You can go on sea raids for 60 minutes, as a Premium player you can go on 120 minutes. Each successful sea raid yields gold, experience and alignment points for your character.

Sea chart

This section of the game allows you to explore islands and ports in the PiratesAssault world. On inhabited islands you can trade goods and use the services located in the port city or town. The prices for trading goods found in the various locations is not always the same, so an adventurous and apt pirates can supplement their income by transporting goods between islands. Due to changing supply and demand in the various harbour cities, the prices for the trading goods change occasionally. To gain information about the new prices and better plan trading routes, pirates can doubtless gather valuable information from the shady characters lurking about in the harbour dives! On uninhabitated islands you can bury treasure to save it for later use or search for hoardes that have been hidden by other pirates! It is a very wise idea to bury many smaller hoardes on any islands where you plan to hide large amounts of treasure to confuse any curious visitors who may decide to "explore" your treasure island with a shovel. ;)


Here one or more players can form a guild. Using the "Guild" link you can either search for an existing guild and apply for membership there or, if your character has reached level 5, you can establish your own guild for 1,000 gold pieces. Once you have joined or formed a guild, you will see new menu options under the "Guild" link. As a founder or admin of the guild you can accept new members, set permissions, kick guild members and administrate guild wars. Guild members must wait 7 days before rejoining the same guild once they have left or been kicked out of that guild! You can also upgrade your guild's sea fortress here; each upgrade level increases the number of pirates your guild can hold. In order to continue upgrading the sea fortress, your guild will need a great deal of gold, which can be donated by the members.

Under the menu item "Guild wars", the admins of your guild can declare war on another pirate guild. Every war starts after a 24-hour waiting period and then runs for 7 days, during which time all battles between members of the warring guilds will be recorded. For each battle, the number of victories, damage done and stolen gold is recorded and after 7 days the guild with the most points in two of these categories is declared the winner. The number of wars won/lost is shown in the guild highscore and on the guild's profile. Only guilds with 5 or more members can declare a war; any time a guild falls below 5 members, any active wars will be ended and recorded as a loss for the guild! Guilds must exist for at least two weeks before they can declare a war. If a guild member leaves the guild during a war (or at any other time!), he/she may not re-enter the guild for 7 days! Each guild may only carry out 5 wars at one time and may end the war by capitulating to the enemy guild; capitulation will always be counted as a loss for the guild that yields to the opponent! Each war costs the aggressor guild 1,000 gold for each 10 members currently in the guild (example: 50 members will cost the guild 5,000 gold each declared guild war).


Here you can change your account settings. For example, you can add some background information about your character or create a text to be sent to victims once they click on your recruit link! You can also deactivate your recruit link, change the gender of your character, upload a character avatar or change your character's name.

My friends

Here you see a list of the players who have either clicked on your link and registered an account on the same game world or entered your name as their friend when they registered. As soon as someone clicks on your link, you receive 1-3 Gold! If the recruit registers for PiratesAssault, you receive 250 gold once the recruited pirate has reached level 3! Once your recruited pirate reaches level 10, you will receive 100 free jewels! WARNING! All attempts to gain free jewels by registering fake/multiple accounts using your link will result in deletion of ALL involved accounts with no warning!


Here you can buy the so-called jewel tickets. Each jewel ticket you activate will credit your game account with 500 jewels. Jewels can be used to activate a Premium account or can be traded for special items. You can also exchange jewels directly for gold in a 2:1 ratio. You can also find jewels when you search for buried treasure.


The link "Premium" leads you the area where you can buy a Premium account. If you become a Premium player by exchanging 500 jewels for 30 days of Premium time, the game is free of advertising, you can fight more often, you can customise your character avatar and enjoy many other benefits! A Premium ticket can be exchanged for 500 jewels, which can be purchased at the jeweler.


Here you can see the most successful pirates (duels and sea battles) and guilds overall.

Game Rules

1) Players have no legal claim to a game account.
2) Players must heed instructions given by the game operator and the game and forum administration.
3) Spamming or flooding public forums, bulletin boards or chats with Victim Links is forbidden and can lead to deletion of all game accounts involved.
4) All bugs (defects resulting from the game programming) must be reported to the PiratesAssault Team immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain will result in the deletion of any accounts involved in the bug-using.
5) Multi-accounts (more than 1 Account per USER per SERVER) and any other form of cheating are forbidden and any game accounts involved in violations of these rules are subject to immediate deletion. Farming (attacks on your own multiaccounts or the accounts of other player who prepare the account(s) for your attack) will result in account deletion with NO warning and NO exceptions!
6) The use of scripts, bots and similar programmes to automate actions in the game will result in deletion of your account. Scripts/Bots include programmes that carry out actions of any kind in the game automatically or through manual control by the user. Such actions include reading data directly from the game-server or the pages making up the game. This includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that make possible automatic clicking of personal links!
7) The accounts of players who insult other players or members of the PiratesAssault Team may be deleted without notice.
8) Players are not allowed to sell parts of the game or game accounts on internet auction sites or anywhere else; any accounts involved will be deleted with no warning. Game accounts may be traded for Jewel/Premium tickets or accounts on other RMS game servers, but the players carrying out the trade assume the responsibility for the transaction. Neither RedMoon Studios nor the game support staff will settle disputes arising from account trades!
9) The accounts of players who log into the account of another player without permission or hack player accounts will be deleted.
10) The game and/or game-board accounts of players with offensive, pornographic, illegal or politically extremist character names or clan names/tags are subject to immediate deletion.
11) The accounts of players sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, sexist, or politically radical (Neo-Nazi, racist etc.) in-game messages or game board PMs or players with such content in their descriptions (whether text or pictures) are subject to immediate deletion.
12) We want to expressly state that each player is solely responsible for the distribution of his/her own Victim Link. We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of Victim Links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the Victim Link there.
13) Unauthorised takeovers of clans after a clan fusion has been completed or ANY takeovers involving logging or hacking into to the accounts of other players will lead to the deletion of your own account!
14) Spamming or deliberately annoying or provoking other players via in-game message or per forum PM is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders will be deleted! Repeat attacks are NOT a form of harassment!
15) Sending other players in-game messages or forum PM containing invitations to join your clan is forbidden. There are threads in the game forum intended to provide you with a means to advertise for your clan. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders are subject to deletion!
16) Bite links must be clearly recognisable as a bite link and the victim must have a chance to decide whether or not he/she wants to be bitten. The use of shortlinks, popups or pages containing multiple bite links that automatically open is forbidden and may result in account deletion! Bite links must be placed in such a manner that the actual address is visible upon mouseover, but you can use a text tag to "disguise" the link.
17) The distribution of any tools/bots/scripts intended to manipulate PiratesAssault is forbidden and will result in the deletion of the game accounts involved. See also Rule 6)
18) The content of clan or character descriptions may not distort the pages and frames used in the game (Maximum width = 530 pixels!). The use of senseless texts, images or empty space is forbidden if the sole purpose of the content is to lengthen the description and make attacks difficult.
19) Player names and battle reports may be posted in clan or character descriptions BUT must be removed immediately if the player requests removal of the information and using the information in an insulting manner is of course forbidden!


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